Meet up with the Bees Creating Honey from Cannabis

Meet up with the Bees Creating Honey from Cannabis

From ingesting chocolate to bath bombs, there’s no shortage of revolutionary cannabis-infused products.

Now, because of a hive that is industrious of, you can include honey towards the list.

These bees honey that is making cannabis are underneath the watchful attention of 39-year-old beekeeper Nicolas Trainer, otherwise referred to as Nicolas Trainerbees.

Located in France, Mr. Trainer is one thing of the renaissance man. an musician and a locksmith, he’s also an advocate for using cannabis for medical purposes. Many individuals are calling him a genius for producing the world’s very first batch of “cannahoney.”

The Seed of a concept Of them costing only seven years old, Trainer begun to show signs and symptoms of hyperactivity, which resulted in problems that are behavioral, ultimately, dropping away from school. Read More