When you’ve done some planning that is initial you’re willing to dive into a writing.

When you’ve done some planning that is initial you’re willing to dive into a writing. Let’s take a closer glance at simple tips to organize your Academic Writing Task 2 response paragraph by paragraph. After you read about each paragraph, look at the sample Task 2 essay immediately below this section for example.

The Introduction Paragraph
An introduction is a really important component of your Task 2 essay. Practicing introductions really can pay off, even if you don’t follow through and write a practice that is full each and every time. Many students get stuck during the very beginning, not understanding how to respond to the relevant question when you look at the introduction. Let’s look at how to proceed.

IELTS Writing Task 2 introductions may be short and simple. A two-sentence introduction should be your goal. There’s two main elements of a Task 2 introduction to include each time:

    Topic Presentation:

In this first sentence of your introduction, you just want to paraphrase the subject described in your question prompt. This basically means, find a way to accurately state this issue in your own words. Try to avoid utilizing the words that are same phrases while the prompt.


After presenting the topic, you need to provide your perspective onto it. It’s your thesis. It really is a sentence that expresses the main concept of your essay. The question prompt in your thesis: “I believe that…”, or “I agree that…” at a minimum, you need to provide a general answer. A very great thesis also introduces the primary ideas of each and every body paragraph in a general way. Take a look at the sample essay below. Notice how the thesis introduces the main concept of both body paragraphs.

Important! you need to answer the essay question directly in your thesis. Students sometimes lose points because their thesis does not answer fully the question directly enough. Read More