Get a greater ACT Essay score – quick – with this instant-download course that is complete.

Get a greater ACT Essay score – quick – with this instant-download course that is complete.

Why Do Colleges Check Your ACT Essay Scores?

Therefore, then why do colleges even bother looking at your ACT Essay scores if the ACT Writing section is optional, and most colleges don’t even read your essay?

Well, some university admissions officers think the essay rating offers an even more “rounded” image of a job candidate.

Many universities evaluate you “holistically,” that also assists them get flags that are red inconsistencies in the application. As an example, they may compare your grade in 11th grade English class to your ACT Essay rating.

The universities like to see persistence right here, just because a difference that is major be a warning sign that something strange ended up being going on with either your college grades or your ACT Essay.

Not absolutely all universities will appear at your ACT Essay score. Those that do or don’t, and exactly how could you learn on your own? Continue reading to find out more…

Just Just Just What Colleges Can Look At Your ACT Essay Scores?

So, we’ve established that perhaps perhaps maybe not every university may even glance at your ACT Essay ratings. Some schools will completely ignore them.

Exactly How will you be to understand which universities do glance at the ACT Essay? Well, there’s only 1 solution to make sure – and that’s to learn on your own, one university at the same time.

Understand why: every university and university has its very own own criteria for admission. And, these requirements are susceptible to alter at any time. Consequently, no selection of universities that have a look at your ACT Essay could be guaranteed complete possibly or up-to-date.

But, each university should record their ACT Essay requirement to their admissions website. Therefore, breasts out of the Bing along with your spreadsheet of top universities and begin doing all of your very own research. Read More